For Any GoPro


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Hands-free Recording

TheVerbApp™ will allow users of ANY GoPro camera to now control their camera hands free using voice commands.  TheVerbApp connects to your GoPro™ camera through the camera’s Wi-Fi functionality.  You can voice control the camera using the microphone on your smart device, or for truly hands-free operation, by using a Bluetooth headset device connected to your phone or tablet.  No more fumbling with the camera’s buttons and hoping it is performing your intended function.  All commands issued using TheVerbApp are immediately repeated back to the user reassuring you that the camera is doing what you expect it to do.

Voice Activated Recording

Record, playback, take photos, download and more with ANY GoPro™ camera, connected via your Bluetooth headset to your tablet or smartphone – completely hands-free!

Extreme Sports Tested

Designed and tested for use in extreme conditions including water, snow, and high-speed sports.

Coach & Pro Friendly

Instant hands-free record and playback – perfect for instructors, coaches and professionals.

Instant Control

Running TheVerbApp on your iOS smart device allows you to instantly capture, review, and share videos and photos from any GoPro™ camera.  Feel confident that you are capturing the moment whether on an ATV, motorbike, paddle board, snowmobile, snowboard, boat, kayak — or wherever the action takes you.